Cholesterol Treatment

Those with high levels of cholesterol naturally seek cholesterol treatment. When a person has too much cholesterol in his/her body, it can lead to heart problems and eventually, heart disease. The cholesterol level can be determined by the amount of cholesterol and saturated fat in the food a person eats. The genetic makeup also contributes to his/her levels of cholesterol.

There are 2 main types of cholesterol treatment. The first is to take certain medicines that would help lower the cholesterol level. Examples of these medicines are niacin and ezetimibe. Another type of cholesterol treatment is adopting a healthy diet, which would include fruits, vegetables, proteins, foods with unsaturated fats, and carbohydrates.

Although one can research and buy the different kinds of cholesterol-lowering medicines available, this is unadvisable. Most of these medicines work differently, and it is best to get a doctor’s advice before trying any new medicines. Doctors usually prescribe these medicines if a one’s cholesterol level hasn’t lowered after a few months. Aspirin, statins, and niacin are the cholesterol-lowering medicines that are most commonly prescribed by doctors.

Small doses of aspirin can prevent the formation of blood clots. Statins block the enzymes in the liver that produces cholesterol, while niacin is used to lower the levels of triglycerides and LDL and increases the levels of HDL. Niacin may cause flushing, and it is the least prescribed of the 3 medicines. Another medicine that can serve as cholesterol treatment is ezetimibe, which helps prevent the intestines from absorbing the cholesterol that comes from food.

The second type of cholesterol treatment is to adopt a healthy diet. Those with high cholesterol levels who want to do this type of “treatment” should reduce their intake of foods that are rich in saturated fats. Some examples of these highly saturated foods are cakes, chocolates, butter, and ice cream.

Overweight people who have been diagnosed with having high levels of cholesterol should lose weight. Aside from being able to shed off those unwanted pounds, they are also reducing their cholesterol level by removing all the “bad” cholesterol in their body. Being physically active can help in lowering cholesterol levels and help lose weight. Even moving or exercising for about 30 minutes each day would go a long way.

Once a person is able to decide the best type of cholesterol treatment, he/she can begin making the necessary changes in his/her lifestyle, if needed.

Non-Allergic Rhinitis Treatment

Non-allergic rhinitis can be a frustrating condition to deal with. It can have the same symptoms as hay fever (allergic rhinitis) but the cause is harder to determine. Non allergic rhinitis is also different from a sinus infection. Some of the symptoms are the same, but the mucus produced is clear or slightly clouded and lacks the green or brownish color of mucus typically produced from sinusitis. Once you figure out the cause, you have taken the first step towards non allergic rhinitis treatment, but you have other options available to you.

Diagnosis of non-allergic rhinitis goes beyond looking at symptoms and delves into a person’s history. What are you exposed to? Does this happen commonly when you eat a certain food or drink a certain beverage? Does it happen when the weather changes? Does it happen when you go indoors after being out in the cold? In my case, for example, I get nasal congestion after drinking only one or two sips of a beer or when I’m exposed to certain (but not all) perfumes.

Causes of Non-allergic Rhinitis

Occupational (also called vasomotor) – Smog, work place odors from solvents, perfumes, smoke or other sources.
Infectious – The common cold is caused by a virus. Usually, you get over the cold in a week, but the sinus symptoms may hang around longer. Congested sinuses that don’t drain create a perfect environment for a bacterial infection to take up residence in your sinuses, setting up sinusitis.
Weather – Changes in the weather can cause the onset of rhinitis symptoms. There is incredible variation as to what kind of weather produces what kind of problems. For example, some people do much better in a warm, dry environment, whereas that same environment creates significant sinus congestion for me.

Food and Drinks – Spicy food can cause a runny nose, which is a nice change of pace if you are suffering from chronic congestion. Beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages can cause significant congestion for some people, as can wheat products.
Hormonal Causes – Hypothyroidism, hormonal changes in the menstrual cycle and pregnancy can initiate rhinitis symptoms.

There is also a condition known as rhinitis medicamentosa that is caused by overuse of over-the-counter nasal sprays. These sprays are designed to be used for only two or three days in a row. If you use them all the time, your congestion gets even worse when you try to wean yourself off of them. I guess you could call it a “nose addiction” to these sprays.

Below are some of the more common non-allergic rhinitis treatments prescribed by mainstream medicine:

  • Eliminate the cause. Avoiding the triggers is the most effective non-allergic rhinitis treatment, but it is not always possible.
  • Antihistamine and steroidal nasal sprays can be prescribed by a doctor, and are effective for most people.
  • Anti-cholinergic nasal sprays such as Atrovent(R) are helpful for patients suffering from a chronic runny nose and/or post nasal drip.
  • Oral decongestants can also be effective in treating congestion, but in my experience, their effectiveness decreases with long-term use.

The Risk Factors of Pre Diabetes

Pre diabetes (or borderline diabetes) is not only associated with elevated blood sugar level. It is also connected with insulin resistance and excessive fat accumulation. However, functional anomalies within the body are not the only factor connected with it. The medical community has determined that there are underlying risk factors which are possible contributor to its occurrence on certain individuals.

The risk factors of pre diabetes are weight, age, family history, inadequate sleep, inactivity, and metabolic syndrome. The primary risk factor is weight because the more weight you gain the higher possibility of fat accumulation especially in the abdominal area. This can result to insulin resistance by the cells. Another risk factor is age which is connected to inactivity. People tend to be inactive as they start to reach the age of 45. Lesser activities mean lesser ways to use the glucose as energy.

Family history is also an important factor because borderline diabetes can be inherited and the incidence of occurrence is higher to persons with parents and other family members who have the same condition. Recent studies have also revealed that inadequate sleep is quite connected to borderline diabetes. Inadequate sleep triggers insulin resistance, and therefore people who sleep inadequate hours are more likely to be pre diabetic. Metabolic syndrome which is described as insulin resistance triggered by high blood pressure, high triglyceride level, and low good cholesterol level is also an underlying risk factor.

There are also factors of diabetes which are significant to women, gestational diabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome. Gestational diabetes occurs during pregnancy and women who developed this condition are of higher risks of being diabetic and contracting diabetes later in their lives. A common sign that a woman has gestational diabetes is giving birth to a child weighing more than 9 pounds. Another sex-dependent risk factor is polycystic ovary syndrome which is characterized by irregular menstrual periods, excessive hair growth and obesity. A woman with this condition has higher chances of being pre diabetic.

Some medical professionals associate these risk factors with the so-called social lifestyle factor like smoking, alcoholism and taking of prohibited drugs. Although these are not primary inhibitors of pre diabetes, they still contribute to the development of the condition. People who are engaged in these social stressors might develop depression and anxiety which can later be manifested through loss of interest in activities like exercises leading to gain weight. Social factors are indeed underlying secondary risk factors. Another proof is that, majority of people who are hooked on taking prohibited drugs experience an increase in appetite. Increased appetite leads to increased frequency of eating. More food taken means more sugar produced, the higher the risk of being pre diabetic and insulin resistant.

Pre diabetes risk factors are worth your attention. These risk factors can be used as your guideline to make necessary adjustments to your lifestyle. The implementation of healthy eating habits, and engaging in activities like exercises which uses the sugar in your blood as energy, are important steps to alleviate the chances of being pre diabetic.

Secret Diabetes Solutions Exposed

Diabetes is a disease that is developed due to the body’s inability to regulate blood sugar levels normally. As a result, the body has difficulty transporting sugar from the bloodstream to the cells, especially after meals. This occurs when the body can not produce enough insulin or when the body develops a resistance against the insulin produced. After meals, blood sugar levels rise and this stimulates the pancreas to release insulin. When the body can no longer do this normally, blood sugar levels remain high and this chronic in-balance becomes what we know to be Diabetes.

What you must understand is that even if you find a way to cure yourself of any disease once, it does not mean that you will not develop the disease again. To cure ANY disease you must start with your lifestyle and Diet. Many people want a quick fix, which is one of the reasons they resort to pharmaceutical drugs and surgery. Trust me, the quick fix method of curing yourself does not work. If you truly want to be cured, the body needs time to adjust to lifestyle and diet changes, as well as time to detox and heal itself.

The first thing to consider is what is CAUSING the developed disease?

Pharmaceutical drugs, toxins in the body, electromagnetic chaos, STRESS, and nutritional deficiencies are all possible causes. Now pay attention because this is very important. If you are going to eat something, if you are going to drink something, if you are going to inject yourself with something or pop a pill, if you are going to spray or rub something on your body, or put something in your hair. Would it makes sense to know what you are putting in your body?

I can tell you that the number one reason someone has Diabetes is because their body is LOADED with toxins.

With that said, here are some natural solutions for Diabetes.

  • Cleansing, starting with the Colon, is the best way to rid the body of toxins. Before you begin any other protocol, it is best to free the cells of unwanted toxins so that they can function at optimal levels. This method alone has been known to fix the problem causing diabetes.
  • Oxygen therapy is a very effective way of flooding the body with oxygen. This increase in oxygen will fuel the cells so that they function at optimal levels. It will wipe out viruses and harmful bacteria as well as balance the body’s healthy flora You will become sharper and more energetic due to the increase in oxygen to the brain. There is and extremely long list of health benefits due to Oxygen therapy. Is it a solution for Diabetes? In my opinion, yes.
  • There is another solution that comes in the form of a tea, invented by Dr. Yung Su Kim. How easy is that? You take this tea and in a very, very short time, it regulates your blood glucose levels and NORMALIZES the way your body produces insulin. This is not something you take for the rest of your life, you take it for a short period of time and it fixes the problem, and because its 100% natural its a very good nutritional supplement for everyone.

Psoriasis Be Gone! Great Discovery Inside!

Being diagnosed with psoriasis is simply not the end of the world, nonetheless it might be a hard smack to the face. A smack that will not only leave a big red mark, but also silvery-white, scaly patches as well. If that doesn’t discomfort you, then how about having these annoying, painful and sometimes bleeding patches all over your scalp and body, PLUS lets go ahead and inflame your joins with a little psoriatic arthritis! You feeling pleasant now? Oh, I’ll bet you are. A great deal of individuals will tell you that there is no remedy for psoriasis, and consequently they’re pretty much right. Sadly I must tell all you psoriasis sufferers out there that there really isn’t any tried and true cure for this disgusting, quality-of-life destroying disease.

Take it from a long time sufferer of psoriasis, I’ve tried just about everything aside from the new medications that proudly proclaim DEATH as one of the possible side effects. In any case, what works well for one person may not work at all for another, which sucks because some people have all the luck with certain meds and creams while I sit, wallowing in my room in a puddle of pure misery. I’d like to believe I’m a pretty beautiful person, but tack on a bunch of UGLY scales and it becomes hard to maintain such a thought. Something decent to try if you haven’t already is aloe vera and vinegar, because when applied on the body, it reduces the itchy feeling and relieves you of the discomfort, while the vinegar, when diluted in water may be applied to the affected areas in order to lessen the appearance of psoriasis. Banana Peel and Burdock Root are also natural herbs that can be used to reduce the flaring and the break outs of the skin, though I’ve never actually tried this so don’t just take my word for it, go out and do it!

Honestly, I didn’t write this article to simply carry on and complain about my psoriasis, though I very much like to do so, my main goal was to expose everyone who hasn’t already been formally introduced to a nice little drug called Naltrexone. Now, Low-Dose Naltrexone is where it’s really at, lets call it LDN for short, only because that’s what it’s called of course. This drug was originally created to help wane drug addicted people off their drugs of choice, mainly opioids because I think that’s all it works for; heroin, alcohol, cocaine, etc… all the good stuff! Well, a certain doctor whose name escapes my mind found out that when administered at low doses, this miracle drug was actually HELPING people with all sorts of autoimmune diseases! Skeptical, go type LDN in Google right now and check out the main website, it’s got plenty of information on the drug and all its benefits. Anyways, I’ve been taking it in low doses for about two or three months now, possibly longer, and have yet to achieve the results I really want. Don’t let that stop you from trying it out, I’ve had pretty great results, just not complete clearance, which is of course what I’m aiming for! The only problem is getting your doctor to fill out a prescription for you, but I guess if you have a good, competent doctor it shouldn’t be too hard for you. Make the appointment immediately!
The second thing I wanted to share, is that although I wasn’t getting my desired results with just using LDN, when I combined it with some natural psoriasis cures I found and purchased around the web I started getting MUCH better results. Now, I would share every single solitary natural remedy with you, but that would just be too much typing on my part and wouldn’t be fair at all to the good men and women who have came up with these proclaimed “cures”. More like beneficial remedies, since there is in fact no actual cure so far for psoriasis. In any case, I have a ton more information about psoriasis and these natural remedies on my website, so if you’re interested go check it out!

Skin Tags and Diabetes

Skin tags are raised lumps of tissue in varying sizes that appear on the neck and around or in the armpits. They are mainly skin colored and are not darkly colored like moles. They are long and thin with a narrow base. In recent studies they have been shown to be strong indicators of high blood sugar issues.

A pre-diabetic condition called insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes seem to be strongly associated with skin tags. As few as 3 skin tags can be linked to increased diabetic risk according to research. Research shows that those with skin tags tend to have higher cholesterol, triglycerides, C-Reactive protein (CRP) and blood sugar than those with no skin tags.

CRP is a marker for inflammation in the body and is an indicator of greater disease risk for conditions like insulin resistance, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, strokes, obesity and cancers. Studies show that people with skin tags are four times more likely to develop diabetes.

In people with elevated blood sugar, their insulin becomes unable to act as the cell gatekeepers, pushing sugar and other nutrients into the cells. As a result, sugar builds up in the blood stream. The pancreas keeps cranking insulin into the blood trying to normalize blood sugar until it becomes exhausted and diabetes results.

CRP can be reduced in a number of ways. One of the most significant is through raising the body pH to between 7.0 and 7.4. This can be done though dietary changes and through drinking antioxidant, alkaline ionized water. Properly hydrating the body with antioxidant, alkaline pH water is important for proper cell function and sugar and fat metabolism. A slightly alkaline body terrain does a lot to reduce CRPs, oxidative stress, and other factors that contribute to the formation of skin tags.

The right balance of omega 3 to omega 6 fats and eating small amounts of butter will help to metabolize and reduce dangerous fats in the body that contribute to skin tags, cholesterol and sugar imbalances. The omega 3 fatty acids accelerate the metabolism of bad fats so that body starts to reduce its fat stores and the resulting triglyceride lipid related health problems.

Enzymes also reduce CRPs by dissolving the CRPs at the site. Enzymes are available through eating lots of raw foods in addition to supplementation. By adding some raw vegetables and nuts to your diet, you can watch your skin tags disappear over time, thus reducing your risk of diabetes and cholesterol related issues.

By cutting out refined sugars and carbohydrates from your diet and adding good quality protein and essential fatty acids in the right proportions, you will increase your production of human growth hormone that sets to and repairs and rejuvenates body tissues. Who knows, you could be skin tag free in addition to looking and feeling much younger than your current age.

Treating Your Shingles Symptoms

Have troubles with shingles and their symptoms? The concept behind this article is to give you enough insight so that you can get the knowledge to find the right treatment for solving your shingles symptoms.

Overall, shingles will normally go away as they came -unexpectedly- and at that time you would only need to treat the pain to achieve a quicker relief.

Your doctor may prescribe a medication that fights viruses, commonly known antivirals, which help to reduce pain & complications & shorten the illness duration. You can use either acyclovir, famcyclovir & valacyclovir, for that matter.

Anyone who starts experiencing pain or burning sensation, must begin his medication within 24 hours, preferably before the blisters show up.. Usually the drugs prescribed by your doctor will come as pills and their dose will be a lot higher than the quantity you would take if you were treated for herpes simple or genital herpes and because of this, it is quite possible that some people need to absorb these doses intravenously (IV). Strong anti-inflammatory drugs called corticosteroids such as prednisone can be used to reduce inflammation & the risk of continued pain. Caution: It must be said that these drugs don’t always work in all patients equally.

Other medications may include:
• Antihistamines to reduce the itch (either taken orally or applied directly to the affected skin)
• Analgesics
• Zostrix, a cream containing capsaicin (a pepper extract) to stop post herpetic neuralgia

It can also be used wet and cold compresses to reduce pain. Soothing baths and lotions such as colloidal oatmeal bath, starch baths, or calamine lotion can help relieve itching and discomfort. In addition to this, we do also suggest bed rest until you stop having fever.

Skin should be kept clean and you should avoid reusing contaminated items, e.g. clothes. Also non-disposable items should be washed in boiling water or otherwise disinfected before reuse. It is quite probable that the person may have to be isolated to prevent infection of others, especially to pregnant women.

As soon as you control these shingles symptoms, you will discover how much less you are likely to suffer from them


Herpes zoster normally disappears in 2 or 3 weeks & hardly ever recurs. If the virus affects the nerves that control movement (motor nerves), you may experience weakness, temporary or permanent paralysis. Every now and then pain in the area where the shingles occurred may possibly last months or years.

Possible complications:

As mentioned, the pain caused by shingles symptoms last only a few months or, sometimes, a few years. This pain is called post herpetic neuralgia & it shows where the nerves have been injured after a herpes zoster outbreak. The pain varies from mild to very severe & the people with a larger chance to have it are those over sixty years old.

Tips to Help You Manage Your Diabetes

Diabetes is a very serious, life-threatening condition that must be managed almost constantly all your life. In fact, you should consider it as a new way to spend the rest of your life. One way to do that is to find tips to help you manage your diabetes, with your doctor’s approval, of course. In this article, we provide many tips to help you manage your diabetes.

Regardless of how long you have had diabetes, there are always going to be questions that need answers and diabetic supplies and medications that you will need. You will want to keep up with the latest diabetes education, research and tips as there might be something new that you can use.

My mother was diagnosed with diabetes a few years age. She had to give herself insulin shots. Be sure you practice good personal hygiene, paying particular attention to your feet. If you use diabetes foot cream on the bottom of your feet and on your heals, it should help keep them from cracking and becoming sore. Put foot powder between your toes.

Being overweight only added to Mother’s health problem. So control your weight and if over weight, get it down.

Do you know anyone that is addicted to sugar? My mother was. Before she was diagnosed with diabetes, I had seen her dip out a spoonful of sugar and eat it like candy. Control your sugar intake. Work with your doctor to keep your blood sugar level where it should be, between 6.5% – 7%.

Go to your pharmacy and use their blood pressure monitor, if you do not have one. No charge to use it. Your blood pressure should be 130/80. If it isn’t, discuss it with your doctor.

Mother had worn glasses for many years. She had her eye exam with retina dilation every year. You should do the same and tell your eye doctor you have diabetes.

She enjoyed going barefooted in the house. One day she stumped her right big toe on the leg of her dining room chair. Her entire foot became swollen and it was hard for her to walk. It took a long while for her to get over that. Do not go barefoot in or out of the house. You need to have a pair of well-fitting shoes and wear support, cotton-nylon blend socks with them.

Six years after being diagnosed with diabetes, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. A mastectomy of the left breast did not get all of it. The cancer had gone into the bone. Now, she had a whole new set of heath problems and medications.

To make a long sad story short, she was instructed by her health care provider to take the diabetes medicine in the morning and her cancer medication in the evening and not to take them at the same time. One evening she was extremely tired. She took both medicines at the same time and it cost her – her life. If you take any medication(s) in addition to your diabetes medicine, be sure to follow the directions your doctor gives you explicitly, regardless of how tired you are. It is my opinion that a large poster showing the name of the medicine and the time to take it should have been taped to the cabinet door where the medicine was kept. Or better yet, keep the morning medication in one room (like a bathroom) and the evening medication in another (like the kitchen), far away from each other.

Here are some more tips that may be beneficial in helping you manage your diabetes. Add your own tips to this list.

1. Carry glucose tablets with you at all times
2. Get a yearly flu shot
3. Don’t smoke
4. Have your kidney health checked regularly
5. Stay active- go for walks, even if it is just around the inside of the local mall with a friend
6, Food labels are important – read them – know the sugar content and other pertinent information

NOTE: Consult your doctor/health care provider FIRST to make sure these tips are for you.

In summary, remember the tips that will help you manage your diabetes. It is recommended to keep in close communication with your health care provider. Make sure their office phone number and 911 are listed in your cell phone and right by your home phone, with easy access to it. Next, make as many copies as you need of this article. Place one in the kitchen, your bedroom, your office or any place where you can refer to it so you won’t forget these important tips to help you manage your diabetes.

Do not forget to pray. God does answer prayer.

The Amazing Pacemaker Defibrillators

There is a precise way in which you are able to utilize the pacemaker defibrillators so let us find out just how does a pacemaker work. The extremely initial move that you have to recognize is that the human heart is controlled by its own natural electrical system. There are no problems that you will come across while you are using these external AED units. You could make use of surgery to have a double bypass this will be able to help you more than the heart pacemakers. Pacemaker defibrillators are close to the heart by use of paddles that is placed on the chest of the patient.

The discovery of the external piece of equipment is in relation to the therapeutic devices that are fixed in the body of a human, the devices that are used on the outside though does have metal components and an example of this is the cardiac pacemakers. Even as the implantable devices have metal components, there however have been numerous proposals for creation better devices of this natural world. The cardioverter defibrillator is a little device that is placed either inside your chest or inside abdomen. The cardioverter then gives off electrical shocks to help run unequal heartbeats. This is would help problems such as a sudden cardiac arrest.

If you would like to study more of how does a pacemaker work, read on. The pacemaker defibrillators make use of electrodes that is hooked onto a generator or battery and the pacemaker is connected to the heart. There is an electrical pulse that then travels via the battery to the generator and this is then run through the wires that are attached to the heart. There is a central processing unit chip that is inside the external pacemaker and this is able to interpret the blood pressure, breathing, activities, and all vital signs of the patient. With the information that is recorded, the pacemaker is then able to notice the amount of electrical pulses that is required and at what stages. This is also helpful when the patient is needed an increased heart rate. With the aid of this pacemaker all changes are tracked and monitors this would be helpful to the patient’s practitioner on their next visit and would also stop any surgery in the end.

There are all in all three different types of pacemakers, the single cavity pacemaker has wires that runs from the generator to the right ventricle, or even to lower right chamber of the heart. There is a twin chamber pacemaker and this is able to carry the pulses via both the right ventricle as well as the right atrium or it could be connected to the upper right chamber of the heart. The pacemaker organizes the timing between the communications of these two chambers. Then there is the triple chamber pacemaker and this is planned to assist the patient who has weak heart muscles, it is attached to the right as well as the left ventricle. The pacemaker defibrillators are able to save your life.

5 Proven Tips for Preventing Coronary Heart Disease

It’s a fact that heart disease is the number one killer in the US. Actually, each minute one person will die from some sort of coronary complication. This is alarming. Why were heart attack rates substantially lower in the early 1900’s when consumption of saturated fats and red meats were much higher?

Studies have proven that cholesterol and saturated fat alone is not the sole reason for all the heart disease. Research has also proven that you can still be at high risk for arterial plaque buildup even if your LDL (bad) cholesterol level is low.

What plays a key and critical role in the formation of heart disease is chronic inflammation. Basically anything that causes inflammation in the body will eventually cause damage to the interior of your blood vessels.

Inflammation in proper doses is necessary and natural in order to fight germs and infection which ultimately protect your body. However, chronic inflammation is harmful because instead of the inflammation attacking the enemy i.e… Germs, bacteria and infection, this biochemical imbalance will do harm to the interior of our blood vessels.

The biochemical imbalance occurs when blood sugar spikes and insulin is released into the system. Basically anything you eat that causes a large increase in blood sugar puts you at risk for arterial damage.

The reason arterial damage is so dangerous is that cholesterol will only lodge into arteries that are damaged and “roughed up” by the inflammation process. Sticky plaque buildup won’t occur in smooth arteries…think of inflammation turning your arteries into “Velcro” like surface.

You must REDUCE inflammation in your system, and you can achieve this NATURALLY!

Here are 5 simple tips to reduce inflammation which lower your overall risk of heart disease

  1. Eliminate sugar – sugar spikes the blood glucose faster than anything you can consume. Try to wean off sugar for 2 weeks.
  2. Eliminate simple carbs – white bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, corn, and processed cereals. These also spike blood sugar and cause inflammation.
  3. Eat omega 3 fatty acids – omega 3 fatty acids which will counteract excessive inflammation. Eating fatty fish, salmon, sardines (not really that bad and super rich in omega 3), mackerel, walnuts, almonds, flaxseed and olive oil.
  4. Limit Omega 6 fatty acids – stay away poly unsaturated substances like corn oil, sunflower oil, Margarine, margarine-like vegetable oil spread
  5. Lose fat – the more body fat you have the more you increase inflammation