How to Lower Blood Sugar

Overweight issue is the root of lots of health problems. One of the common health problems caused by obesity is body’s insulin resistance. It is a physiological condition where insulin turns out to be less effective in lowering the blood sugar. Eventually, this illness will go to the condition called pre-diabetes and when not properly medicated will turn into diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic disease that is mark by a high sugar level of the blood. From these phases, there is always something you can do to break the sequence or fight any of the illness. That is by lowering the level of you blood sugar. Now, how to lower blood sugar on the body? Here are simple tips on things you can do.

  • Have a proper exercise. Exercise is the counterpart of obesity. It is the universal answer to most of the health issues that there is. Most of the people think that exercising is a hassle and very inconvenient but to set things straight and to draw you from doing it; the body only needs an average of 30 minutes a day of exercise to maintain blood sugar level. Furthermore, some diabetic patients say that they already experience the good result in just having a regular 20 minutes exercise. By having those short routine work outs, you are not just lowering your blood sugar level but also are protecting yourself from other diseases. Through these exercises, your muscles happen to be more sensitive to insulin and take up more glucose from the blood which lowers the blood sugar.
  • Another tip on how to lower blood sugar is by eating smart. Limit eating foods with saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, and sodium. Low-glycemic foods, which are food that are slower to digest, are the most suitable for you. This food includes vegetables, fruits, oat meal, peanuts, granola, beans, and peas. Also, foods which are high in glycemic can also facilitate lowering of sugar by producing more insulin for the body. In fact those foods are converted by the body into insulin quicker than candy bars. Included at this type are white bread, potatoes, and rice. Drinking cinnamon, decaffeinated coffee and unsweetened green tea also lowers the sugar level of the body. Another thing that would help on your goal is by maintaining the advisable 8 glasses of water a day. The studies shows that water flushes out toxins, keep the skin healthy, and supports weight loss. In addition with this foods and drinks, recent studies show that herbs also lower blood sugar. Taking ginseng after meals was proven helpful. Other herbal that you can intake are licorice extract, yarrow, and huckleberries. You could also select a diet plan to assure yourself that you will be very compliant with these good eating habits.
  • The last tip and a worth noting for when you already have diabetes is taking vitamins that lower blood sugar level. These vitamins have the main ingredient of chromium that is an excellent treatment for diabetes. Some of the dieticians and nutritionist would say that relying on drugs to cure diseases is not a very good idea because of its side effects. Maybe it really is? But you can lower the risk of having these side effects by choosing the nature made products. In the contrary, one of the threats these drugs do is that according to some diabetic patients, they increase more weight when they started drinking them. This happen because after consumption of the medicine, they suffer in the condition called hypoglycemia. It is characterize by under normal level of sugar blood. To normalize their sugar level, they tend to eat foods with high sugar contents, and therefore results to an increase on their weight. This could be avoided by proper or moderated intake of the medicine.

Sugar in the blood is one of the primary sources of energy of the body. It is a good chemical that when abused leads to some bad circumstances. One of this is having chains of disorder, such as overweight issue, insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, and diabetes.

It will be best to be guided properly, know how to lower blood sugar, and act accordingly in order to live a healthier and longer life.

Pulse Oximeter Changes Mobile Phone Industry

The mobile phone industry is ever changing. Ever since smart phones have come into the market, things started to change from voice plans to more data plans. Ten years ago, most cell phone companies focused their plans with attention to voice systems. Mobile companies focused on gearing their voice plans around prices points that allowed for extra charges for minutes used over the allotted amount. Once text messaging became very popular, mobile carriers changed their plans to maximize their profits for plans offering text messaging plans. A recent study showed that most text messaging plans offering unlimited text messages are charging astronomical fees per megabyte of data service. As smart phones became more popular with users, mobile carriers benefited greatly from added data plans. These data plans took away revenue from mobile carriers in terms of voice and text messaging plans. Applications available for smart phones now offer services that allow for free test messages via data plans already paid for by the customer.

A pulse oximeter, also known as an oximeter, is a medical device that measures the blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate of an individual. An oximeter is a very popular device these days, as more and more people have become familiar with it. A pulse oximeter used to be only available in clinical settings, but with recent advances in technology has completely changed the oximeter. Now an oximeter is smaller than more cell phones and available for fewer than one hundred dollars. With new smart phones offering various applications, the pulse oximeter industry has also stepped up to offer its customers the same options. Now an application for a pulse oximeter allows the user to send his or her vital information to their smart phone via Bluetooth or ANT+. Applications like this one for a pulse oximeter have changed the mobile phone industry completely. These applications provide more possibilities for users, but they also create new challenges for cellular companies. These companies are constantly finding themselves having to reinvent themselves. They must do this just to keep themselves competitive. A pulse oximeter might not seem like a likely candidate to do this, but it really is one of the pioneer devices that helped shape the new smart phone industry. The cellular industry is currently working closely with various industries to try to stay ahead of aftermarket applications. The cellular phone industry is a perfect example of how fast technology changes.

Preventing Renal Kidney Problems When You Have Diabetes

One can get more information on renal kidney problems with the help of the content described below. The kidneys are a very important organ of the human body which is so essential that if they stop working, you will die. As one of the most vital organs, you must take care of it. The kidneys can be infected by diseases if you don’t take the proper precautions. But what if you don’t know about the types and reasons of certain, specific diseases? If you have diabetes, understand that diabetes can and will eventually cause renal kidney problems, and affects your kidney functions in a very big way.

Diabetes causes two types of renal kidney problems

There are two types of renal kidney problems caused by diabetes:

  • One is known as ‘diabetic nephropathy,’
  • Second one is ‘diabetic retinopathy.’

These two diseases are very common renal kidney problems, because long term high blood glucose damages the blood vessels and the ‘nephrones.’ The ‘nephrones’ are actually the main filtering units of the kidneys. Everyone knows that kidneys are highly vascular and contain many bloods vessels working with and assisting theses ‘nephrones.’ These renal infections are very common these days. In these types of diseases, kidneys are infected by a specific type of infection and as a result they stop functioning properly. The person suffering from this or any of the different types of renal kidney problems or infections should be admitted to a hospital and put on dialysis.

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Proper precaution is imperative in avoiding any renal kidney problems

It is very important that if you have diabetes then you must take the precautions for your kidneys. If you don’t have any idea about the types of diseases then it is obvious that you surely have no idea on how to prevent renal problems. In actuality, it is possible to avoid these renal kidney problems but very hard to control or stop once they show up. This can only be controlled in the early stages by the diagnosed treatment. And if not done so, then the result will be the “end stage” of renal problems. If it becomes worse, in some cases, patients may need a kidney transplant. This is a huge problem as it is not easy to get a new kidney when needed, and the cost and will cost a lot of money for the procedure.

In most cases, there is no need to face such trouble if you already have taken the steps towards these precautions and prevent your kidneys from any such diseases. Before taking any precautions, you must have the knowledge of symptoms of these renal kidney problems. Without identifying the disease you can’t start the cure. The symptom of this infection starts so slowly that it is very hard to identify. However, you can notice some of the symptoms like loss of appetite, a metallic taste in mouth, facing difficulty in managing glucose for your blood, skin irritation, etc. These infections start very steadily, but if you are aware of these, you can identify it in early stages before it’s too late. If you ever feel these kinds of symptoms of kidney problems, consult a doctor immediately.

Renal kidney problems do not need to culminate in dialysis

If a diabetic person has renal kidney problems such as kidney disease, then it will be the worst case for him or her. This renal disease’s last stage treatment involves a grisly process. The patient must go through painful dialysis three to four times in a week. For precautions, as a diabetic patient, you must keep your glucose level under complete control. For this you need to check your blood pressure regularly, as higher blood pressure stresses the kidney. The person’s blood pressure must be not more than 140/90. The precaution is to notice if there is any burning or pain while urinating. If this happens, patients need to consult the doctor immediately. As stated previously, precautions are far better than the treatment. If you take the proper precautions, you can easily reduce the risks of most renal kidney problems.

Are you currently on dialysis or looking to prevent kidney disease?

An Antibiotic to Help Treat Diabetes!

Tetracycline is a type of medication called an antibiotic. It is used to treat many different bacterial infections in the body, infections such as urinary tract infections, acne, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and others. It has been suggested evidence also indicates this antibiotic might have a role in lowering blood sugar as well.

During the month of August 2011, investigators at Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine in New York State, reported in the journal Pharmacology Research the results of a study on the use of tetracycline in people with diabetes.

Study No.1: Forty-five people with Type 2 diabetes and gum disease were included in the study. All these diabetics were given dental treatment for their gum disease.

The participants were also divided into three groups and randomly assigned to take:

1. low-dose doxycycline a form of tetracycline, for three months,
2. a higher dose of doxycycline for two weeks, or
3. a placebo.

Outcome: After 3 months the hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) levels in the low-dose treatment group were actually lowered from an average of 7.2 per cent to an average of 6.3 per cent. There was no significant change in the HbA1c levels in the other two groups. All the Type 2 diabetics recovered from their gum disease. The investigators, therefore concluded long-term treatment with low-dose doxycycline (tetracycline) could be beneficial for people with Type 2 diabetes being treated for gum disease.

Study No. 2: The work at Stony Brook University School of Medicine, was consistent with a 2001 report from Okayama University Dental School in Japan. According to an article published in the Journal of Periodontology, 13 people with Type 2 diabetes and gum disease were included in the study. They were treated with minocycline, another form of tetracycline, which was applied to their gums weekly for one month.

Outcome: The number of bacteria in their pockets of gum disease… tumor necrosis factor alpha (thought to play a role in Type 2 diabetes), and their HbA1c levels, were all reduced. Six diabetics reduced their need for insulin and also reduced the level of their insulin resistance. Again it was concluded treating bacterial infections with a form of tetracycline was effective in helping to control Type 2 diabetes, suspecting the antibiotic worked through the reduction of tumor necrosis factor alpha, and insulin resistance.

Further work published during the year 2008, doxycycline could also have a protective effect against diabetic heart disease by inhibiting certain enzymes. Investigators at Ankara University in Turkey reported in the British Journal of Pharmacology they had looked at the function of rats’ hearts in the presence of doxycycline. Rats’ hearts with abnormal pressures and calcium levels, were restored to normal pressures and calcium levels when the rats were treated with doxycycline. (Calcium is necessary for heart muscles to contract).

Research on the tetracycline antibiotics holds promise for one more weapon against diabetes and its complications.

Popular Types of Incontinence Products

Incontinence, an uncontrollable excretion of urine or the contents of the bowels, is a common disease that has affected millions of people today from round the globe. Some people face regular embarrassment because of it while others only experience it occasionally. Patients afflicted with incontinence are often found to be perturbed & distraught due to this embarrassing disease and find themselves uncomfortable to socialize with others.

There are many people who initially ignore their incontinence and later get their heads burying in the sand to have this disease getting complicated to an uncontrollable situation.

Providentially, there are different ranges of products available in the market carrying the ability to control this embarrassing disease to a greater extent and assist patients suffering from it to lead a cozy life. Since the degree of incontinence, lifestyle and general activity of patients dictates the most relevant product to be opted for. Thus, these products are highly recommended to be used after having consulted with erudite physician because they are well equipped to select the most suitable product out of those available in the market.

There are different general categories in which incontinence Products are bifurcated. This bifurcation includes products for protection, products for Collection. The one victimized by this disease may also check out for bladder training products. These training products are basically the kits and instruction manuals that help in strengthening the muscles by keeping the bladder closed to prevent leakage.

The patient suffering from incontinence shall either choose incontinence products that collect the urine from the body or soak up the dripping. However, this selection is done on the basis of severity of affliction.

Let us now have a sight at a few from among distinct incontinence products to gain a better idea of their types available in the market.

Incontinence Pads:

Indeed, incontinence pads are found to be most popular of all incontinence products available in the market. These pads are readily present at pharmaceutical stores in different styles that may include a panty liner, disposable pad or a built in reusable pad. These pads can be easily used with regular underwear or with underwear especially designed for them. Good Absorbency, Backing, Dry weave & comfort is what high quality pads offers.

Incontinence Pants:

There are pants also available to manage incontinence and can be a good option to deal with heavier leakage. They are also available in different custom sizes to fit the needs of the user fighting with incontinence.

However, several other products are available to deal with incontinence and shall be used with complete consultation and check to fit the need properly.

Facts About Legionnaires Disease

Legionnaires disease is a water borne bacterial infection that occurs naturally in small quantities in lakes, ponds and reservoirs and if untreated, not monitored or controlled can also develop in manmade water systems, cooling towers and air-conditioning units.

Legionellosis is a disease that affects a body’s respiratory system and causes a type of pneumonia. It is particularly virulent in individuals with a suppressed immune system, within the elderly, smokers and people who suffer with chest infections.

The Legionnaires disease was first identified after an outbreak at the Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia in 1976 during a veteran’s conference of the American Legion. This struck down 221 of the conference’s elderly members, leaving 34 people dead.

Legionella bacteria multiplies rapidly in water where the temperature is between 20 degreees Celcius and 50 degrees Celcius. It particularly likes the warm environment found in cooling towers, hot tubs, swimming pools and hot water tanks. People are normally affected when the water supply is attached to a mechanism that causes an aerosol effect, such as water fountains, showerheads and whirlpool spas.

The Legionella bacteria is carried in fine droplets of water and cannot be transferred orally between people. The disease can be caught any time of the year but the summer and early autumn months are most common. Transfer of the disease can also occur through inhaling the infection while drinking contaminated water and when working in bacteria contaminated soil.

The presence of the disease is normally apparent between 2 and14 days after exposure. The symptoms include chills, fever, aching muscles, tiredness, nausea, poor appetite, vomiting and diarrhoea, chest pains and a shortness of breath.

Although the Legionella bacteria can prove fatal it can be treated in most cases with antibiotics, however complications can show themselves in the form of kidney failure, respiratory problems and septic shock. There is also a milder, less dangerous form of the disease known as Pontiac fever, which causes mild respiratory problems and is less deadly than Legionnaires disease.

The simplest methods for combating the disease is through thorough cleaning, regular testing and disinfecting areas that are likely sources such as tanks, cooling towers and climate control systems as well as all aerosol producing mechanisms.

The main forms of treatment for Legionella pneumophila bacteria are chlorine, chlorine dioxide, sodium hypochlorite and ultra violet light. Descaling and removing any nutrients such as a bio film, debris and rust can also help prevent the multiplication of the bacteria.

Cholera – Immediate Cure or Dead

I am interested in writing about this one disease, because of the risk that dangerous if not handled immediately. Death. And it happened to my family one week ago. Cholera disease. The dangerous disease.

If there are among family, neighbors or friends or prepared, if infected with cholera have to get serious handler, the first step by providing a substitute for the lost body fluids. The disease is caused by infection of the intestine that is acute or rapidly, due to a parasitic bacterium called Vibrio cholerae bacteria.

Usually the body is contaminated through contaminated food and beverages by bacteria. The bacteria are released enterotoxin (poison) in the intestinal tract so that there was diarrhea (diarrhea) accompanied by an acute and severe vomiting. As a result one in just a few days lost a lot of body fluids and get in on the condition of dehydration.

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So that immediate treatment is done by giving fluids, such as by infusion, because it is the most precise and fast for people with a lot of fluid loss through diarrhea or vomiting. Keep in mind, giving ordinary drinking water will not help much, because cholera patients it requires intravenous fluids sugar (Dextrose) and salt (normal saline) or a form of intravenous fluids in the mix of both (Dextrose Saline). If a hospital or clinic away from the location, usually by way of liquid entering the hose from the nose to the stomach

Because if dehydration is not treated immediately, it will continue towards hypovolemic and metabolic acidosis in a relatively short time and this can lead to death.

Cholera is spreading the disease severity as the disease is endemic, epidemic, or pandemic. Due to Vibrio cholerae bacteria multiply and spread through feaces (feces) of man. Carefully so that when feces containing the bacteria contaminating the river water, then someone else comes in contact with water are at risk of cholera. Moreover, if people’s habits, making the river water as drinking water, would be very harmful effects.

Furthermore, after initial treatment, fluid administration to patients with cholera, treatment of infections that occur. Giving antibiotics / antimicrobials such as Tetracycline, Doxycycline or class Vibramicyn. This antibiotic treatment within 48 hours to stop the diarrhea that occurred

Symptoms of cholera usually experience and abundant watery diarrhea without preceded by heartburn. The occurrence of invasive infections with diarrhea and vomiting with quite a serious condition as a cause of acute attacks of unknown type who experienced diarrhea.

Dirt patients who initially colorless and odorless liquid turned into a cloudy white with no odor or fishy, ‚Äč‚Äčlike rice water. Diarrhea occurred many times with considerable amounts and vomiting

Muscle cramps felt abdominal pain accompanied by severe and the number of fluid that comes out will cause dehydration so that the dry mouth, physically weak, sunken eyes and rapid heartbeat.

Bloating and Stomach Discomfort

More and more you will notice gluten-free products on your grocer’s shelves, from wheat-free breads and pastas made with alternative grains such as oats, barley, rice and rye, to creative alternatives to your favorite traditionally wheat-based baked goods.

The reason behind this trend is two-fold: scientists and doctors are beginning to realize that many millions of people have a gluten intolerance, which can lead to a variety of uncomfortable and painful symptoms, and secondly, certain susceptible individuals are actually becoming very ill and even dying from Celiac disease, a very serious gluten intolerance malady.

As this range of issues stemming from gluten ingestion becomes more obvious and gets more public attention, retailers and food manufacturers naturally scramble to be the providers of the gluten-free products people want.

Proponents of the paleo diet claim that our bodies are not, in fact, meant to digest grains at all, and it is true that our digestive systems have not had the evolutionary time span necessary to adjust to a grain-based diet, a change which happened only ten thousand years ago when humans began cultivating grains. Many, many people may be affected by gluten intolerance and not even know it, as it is extremely common. Perhaps you get bloated or otherwise uncomfortable after eating wheat pasta or bread, but have never thought much about it. While this discomfort may seem like only a minor irritant, if it is a regular occurrence you may wish to keep track of it. Knowing what your body reacts adversely to is the first step in helping you eliminate things which you do not digest well. Our ability to efficiently process food, expelling toxins and absorbing essential nutrients, is directly related to our quality of living. Even if you do not have Celiac disease, good digestion is a very important part of overall health.

Poor digestion is a challenge many suffer from and don’t do anything about, and gluten intolerance is turning out to be responsible for a large number of cases. Other reasons for poor or painful digestion include processed foods and other chemical-laden foods, excess salt and sugar (especially when eaten without other healthy foods to soften the absorption rate, and/or without sufficient water intake), heavy consumption of meat and other animal products, and dairy foods, to which many people have an adverse reaction.
Digestive discomfort can usually be attributed to the body’s rejection of a particular food, causing inflammation, and possibly even damage to the intestines over time, as is the case with Celiac Disease. You may wish to try gluten-free foods just to see how your body reacts, and if you find yourself less bloated and uncomfortable, you can join the many people enjoying all the new gluten-free products available!

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