What I need to know to stay healthy with Viagra Online at myviagrainaustralia.com?

It is but natural that to not do harm to your health you should follow your prescribers and manufacturer’s advice with caution. There are however some other questions that Viagra patients have concerning its possible effects on their health. The most popular of them are if Viagra can prolong the duration of the sexual act, whether it is safe to use Viagra generics in Australia, what consequences recreational use of sildenafil Australia may have, etc. Let’s dwell on some of them.

Viagra helps to not only reduce the refractory period. It helps some men suffering from premature ejaculation (ejaculation), but only indirectly, because the very timing of ejaculation Viagra does not work. This, of course, does not sound very promising, but nevertheless it is true. You can try in Australia Viagra with Dapoxetine at myviagrainaustralia.com

Premature ejaculation is more common sexual disorder than erectile dysfunction. With this disorder, like premature ejaculation man reaches full erection, ejaculation but he catches up sooner than he would like – sometimes even before it has time to enter the penis into the vagina or partner after the first few friction movements. After ejaculation erection immediately terminated. But if a man is able to be excited again, this second erection lasts longer, since the sensitivity of the penis has declined since the previous ejaculation. And for the second time sexual intercourse lasts long enough to both the man and his partner reached satisfaction.

Viagra helps to maintain erection, but cannot do anything in those cases, if the penis is inclined “to hasty conclusions.” As mentioned earlier, erection and ejaculation are two very different concepts and Viagra has no significant impact on the process of ejaculation. However, indirectly, by reducing the refractory period, nevertheless Viagra may help some men suffering from premature ejaculation.

“I had a patient who was suffering from premature ejaculation and have never been able to achieve an erection twice in one night, as if he did not want” – writes Nechyum Katlovitts, MD, of New York, specializing in the treatment of erectile disorders. This patient, according to Dr. Katlovits, after intercourse, which usually ended with an extremely fast, he could not wait for the re-erection and just fell asleep, because the duration of the refractory period, it was about three hours. “I had prescribed Viagra – says the doctor – and refractory period decreased it to 2 hours. For two hours, this man did not have time to go to sleep, and because after the first orgasm penile sensitivity remained low, a second erection lasted for about 15-20 minutes. He was just so happy! ”

Now let’s answer the question what generis are. Generics are cheaper analogues of the original drug. Many of us notice that one and the same product from the different manufacturers have different efficiencies. Why is this so? – The official manufacturers of generic claim full compliance of the chemical formula of the original drug. In reality one should take into account that the effectiveness of the final product can be affected by many factors: the quality of the raw materials, the perfection of the process equipment, the study of the finished product.

The company “Pfizer”, the manufacturer of Viagra, recommends starting with a dose of 50 mg. Subsequently, after repeated consultation with your physician the dose can be increased to 100 mg per day, if the average dose will not have the desired effect, or to reduce up to 25 mg – in that if any side effects manifest.

For people over 65 or people with severe liver or kidney disease is best to start treatment with low doses of Viagra – 25 mg per day. These people may have difficulty with the decomposition and excretion from the body of processed products of Viagra. Likewise, patients taking cimetidine, treatment should start with a lower dose.

To conclude, one can say that for Viagra not to do your health any harm, observe a few simple rules communicated by the manufacturer.