Viagra vs. Cialis: Canadian Pharmacy Research

Due to the results of the most recent research (according to, the first and the biggest issue that disturbs the vast majority of men is erectile dysfunction. It is an embarrassing condition that is also called impotence. A repeated inability to gain and maintain proper erection is quite a good reason to pay attention to the problem and start acting. 60% of males above 40 complain about this issue, that is why more and more professionals work on the medicines that will prevent the situation or at least improve it.

Canadian Pharmacy Mall is one of the reliable and safe stores that offer a great variety of ED drugs. The most famous is probably Viagra, though other medications like Cialis or Levitra are no less effective. Nevertheless, opting for the suitable drug one should consult a professional. See your doctor or use the offered option of online consultation to get the advice on the most appropriate drugs for your exact case. Well-experienced and highly professional specialists will assist you in a choice of preferable medicines for you just based on your symptoms and wishes.

Different medications can be used to achieve various results. For quick effect you’d better buy Viagra, though for a long-lasting one – Cialis. So, having an opportunity to get maximum from the treatment you should not make a blind choice.

What Is Viagra and How Does It Work?

In fact, Viagra is a well-known erectile dysfunction treatment that is widely spread and used. People who have such issues know almost everything about Viagra, its side effects, cautions and other details. However, having ED problem for the first time you should know that it does not work at once. At least half an hour should pass to notice the first results. You will be able to enjoy the effect for approximately 4 hours. In general, it is an advantageous treatment, though there is one great drawback – price.

Viagra pills are extremely expensive, so not everyone can afford buying them. But it does not mean you will stay without medications. Canadian Pharmacy is the store that cares about each customer and strives to create optimal conditions for every single client. Canadian Viagra consists of Sildenafil as an active ingredient and is as effective as branded one. However, offering generic drugs the drugstore can sell them at lower prices, but its effect remains the same.

What Is Different about Cialis?

Comparing Viagra and Cialis, the first noticeable thing that differentiates the two is duration of the effect. Cialis pills are perfect for those who need a longer action, as it lasts for 36 hours. The merit of such duration is the lack of necessity to plan sexual activity, while the drawback is the same – prolonged side effects if they occur. Nevertheless, Canadian Cialis is also ranked as top ED treatment, sometimes even more preferable than Viagra. All in all, considering all the above mentioned information one can easily make a correct choice of suitable medicines to fulfill all the wishes and desires.

Differences and Similarities of Viagra and Cialis

1. Both Viagra and Cialis help gain and maintain a strong and prolonged erection, though the effect of Viagra lasts for 4 hours, Cialis – 36.

2. Both medications have similar side effects. However, the ones caused by Cialis are more protracted as they follow the effect.

3. Viagra is recommended to take on the empty stomach, while Cialis is not affected by food, so it can be taken anytime.

4. Various types of both medicines are offered at Canadian Pharmacy to satisfy even the most exacting customer and please him with a range of available drugs.

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