COPD Life Expectancy

COPD is the abbreviation used for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. It is also known in different names. For example, chronic obstructive lung disease (COLD), chronic obstructive airway disease (COAD), chronic airflow limitation (CAL) and chronic obstructive respiratory disease (CORD). It is a progressive disease which means it gets worse over time. It causes lungs problems and almost destructs them completely. This is one of the major causes of death in almost all the global nations. In USA, it is the fourth highest death cause disease. It is deadly and almost over than 82,000 people die every year due to this. Generally, the COPD life expectancy is very less and also it causes a large number of severe health problems in people. But, on the other hand, if it is detected early due to their early symptoms and also get it treated in its early stages, then the life expectancy can be greatly increased. If not, the sufferer’s life will be greatly limited.

The most common symptom of COPD is breathing difficulty.

It can be a huge disability that gets worse as this disease progresses. There are many techniques and exercises that help to decrease. Two of the most well known techniques are pursed lip breathing and diaphragmatic breathing. If you ever feel short of breath and you feel like you are suffocating, it helps to remember these quick and easy breathing tips. Sit and relax in a quiet and comfortable place, breathe in and out through your mouth going as fast as you need to, lower your head and shoulders and begin to slow down your exhalations. Repeat this a few times and you will feel a great deal of comfort as these exercises have been proven to help with breathlessness.

Smoking is one of the most biggest causes of COPD.

Each year, three million people are dying as the result of smoking related diseases. Exposure to lung irritants such as dust, smoke, air pollution and other chemicals can also be causes for COPD. Quitting smoking can help but as there is no current cure to COPD, getting rid of cigarettes doesn’t help much. It only reduces the risk factor by a little but of course, every little action counts towards the defeat of this chronic disease.

The Pathophysiology of COPD is not very easy to understand.

Pathophysiology of COPD shows the structural changes in the airways, dysfunction of Cilia and inflammatory responses. It is these three things that lead to the blockage of airways. The inflammatory response of COPD is usually caused by too much smoking. It can also be caused by the inhalation of lung irritants such as pollens, air pollutants, smoke, dust and other chemicals.

Inhalers can be used to treat chronic diseases such as the first symptom of COPD- the chronic cough. The work that the inhalers do is that they push the medicine or drugs directly into the airways when you breathe in. Some people may get some benefits from using these inhalers but some might not. Some people use inhalers regularly and that might help to reduce shortness of breath and some just use it when they are experiencing troubles of wheezing and breathlessness.

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