Alcohol and Other Drugs

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Speed can increase your blood pressure, which can cause a stroke. Regular users can become very run-down with a weakened immune system, which makes them more prone to all types of infections. Mental health can be severely affected by regular use, leading to severe depression and paranoia, with an increased risk of psychosis.


Ecstasy is made up of a mixture of substances, including a synthetic drug called MDMA, and is classed as a hallucinogenic amphetamine. It comes in tablet form and is swallowed. Other names for ecstasy include ‘E’, ‘doves’, ‘XTC’ and ‘disco biscuits’. Taking ecstasy can cause relaxation, disinhibition and feelings of warmth. It is sometimes known as the ‘love drug’. Initial effects can last for several hours and include feeling more alert; colours, sound and emotions can also seem more intense. Feelings of confusion, anxiety and paranoia may occur. The ‘come down’ phase can cause profound fatigue, inability to sleep and feelings of depression. Viagra Generic Canada

Health risks include blurred vision, liver and kidney problems and a danger of overheating and getting dehydrated if you are out dancing in a club. This is known as ‘heat stroke’ due to a combination of a raised body temperature from the ecstasy and dehydration from dancing and the rise in temperature. It can lead to convulsions, coma or even heart attack and stroke. Heart palpitations can occur with an increase in blood pressure and skin temperature. Mental health problems include long-term damage to serotonin receptors in the brain with an increased risk of depression.


Heroin is made from the pain-killing drug morphine and comes from the opium plant. It is a highly addictive drug with tolerance developing rapidly so that users need to take more and more heroin to get the same ‘high*. Heroin can be smoked, sniffed or injected. When you take heroin there is an intense rush of excitement followed by a dream-like state of relaxation. These effects can last several hours and are much more intense if the heroin is injected. First time use, especially if injected, often causes nausea, vomiting and severe headaches. Sharing needles when injecting heroin increases the risk of blood-acquired infections such as blood poisoning or HIV, and Hepatitis B and C. Withdrawal symptoms can occur within 24 hours of the last ‘fix’ and include a multitude of symptoms known collectively as ‘cold turkey’. These can include sweats, chills, anxiety, irritability, cramps and muscle spasms.

The use of heroin can lead to significant health problems. These include a weakened immune system from poor nutrition, collapsed veins, skin abscesses, an increased risk of pneumonia and other chest problems, and chronic constipation. Using heroin can affect your fertility and cause erectile dysfunction. The drug can consume a user’s life, leading to the breakdown of relationships, career and home life. Many addicts get involved in crime to feed their habit. Heroin can lead to mental health problems, including depression and suicide.