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Facts About Policosanol Clinical Trials

Policosanol is a kind of wax found in sugarcane and beehives. It is a good source of plant nutrition. Our body cannot synthesize this and an external source is the only way. This substance is very good to control cholesterol. Many policosanol clinical trials have been done mainly in Cuba. Approximately ten countries and most of them in Latin America have approved the formulation.

In addition to above, studies have been conducted in other countries also. Pantox Laboratories in California, National Centre for Scientific Research, McGill University in Canada, University of Bonn, Germany have conducted policosanol clinic trials. All of these trials conclude the health benefits of policosanol in containing cardiovascular problems.

Without getting into too much of science, I can explain the major benefits of this substance.

If you think that the cholesterol is bad for you, it is not correct. In fact there are good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. High density lipoprotein or HDL is good cholesterol and low density lipoprotein or LDL is bad cholesterol. So long as the balance is maintained between the two, there is no problem for our health. However, when the balance is tilted cardiovascular diseases are imminent.

Why LDL is bad? If unchecked, it will lead to atherosclerosis. HDL contains the level of LDL and hence it is considered good.

HDL throws away the fat from the arterial areas into the liver. In the liver it is further processed and balance unwanted substances are ejected out of our body. The balance between HDL and LDL will be disturbed if this process does not happen.

Policosanol clinical trials have proved that the HDL faces few problems in discharging its duties. When arteries are destructed due to oxidation LDL lesions are formed. Also lesion formation can happen even without oxidation in the arteries. HDL has the capacity to inhibit the oxidation process and also prevent lesion formation. If this does not happen the passage of the arteries is shrunk and affect the blood flow leading to many cardiovascular diseases.

Ideally one can take 5 mg of policosanol twice a day. Though this is derived from sugar cane, it does not increase the sugar content in our blood and is considered safe nutrition.

Daily I am taking policosanol along with other natural herbs and salts to ensure that I have balanced nutrition. A fantastic natural nutrition supplement offers this benefit to me and I lead a healthy life without any cholesterol problem. Visit my website to know more about policosanol clinical trials and I am sure you will find answer to your questions.

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