Genital Warts Medication

People with multiple partners are at high risk in getting infected with the virus. There is 90% of genital warts infection is caused type 6 and 11 HPV virus. They are considered low risk types of virus and they do not cause any symptoms. This is the reason why a lot of infected person do not know they carry the virus until they detect lesions appearing on the genital areas of their body. The virus stays in the body for a long while and it takes months or even years before it will manifest. Several symptoms are felt and detected by the infected persons. The most common symptoms are itching, soreness, redness, unexplained moisture and bleeding on the genital and anal area.

The first move done by people when infected with this diseases is to treat it with topical medications. They would feel embarrassed to seek help with a doctor. Medications are used to remove the lesions and relieve the symptoms. It is not recommended to treat genital warts with over the counter medications. There is no cure for the HPV virus. What the doctor can do is to provide relief and eliminate the lesions that we call genital warts.

For years, studies and researchers have been finding ways to effectively treat this kind of disease. Until now medication is still limited. The most recent medication made available is the topical solution. This treats the actual lesions of the genital wart and after treatment the warts will fall off. Podofilox can be administered by the patient. It is a solution applied to the wart and used twice per day for 3 days followed by 4 days without treatment. It is done in cycles until the lesion falls off in about 3 weeks. Aldara is another medication given. It is a substance that stimulates the body’s immune system. It is applied three times a week before bedtime and washed off 6-10 hours later. The application is repeated up to 16 weeks. A doctor can also apply a solution called podophyllin resin on the lesions. This treatment is also done weekly and takes weeks to accomplish. Other treatment like the 5 flurouracil epinrophrine gel is injected into the lesion.

Recently an injection called interferon was introduced. It is a substance that stimulates the immune system response. Treatment involves injections into the lesion every other day for 8-12 weeks. Alternative methods that can be done include cryotherapy, surgical removal and laser surgery. Your doctor might suggest several of this option depending on the extent of the genital wart infection.

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