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If I have diabetes, do I have to declare this when applying for a driving licence? If so, will I have to prove I am fit to drive?

Anyone whose diabetes is treated by diet alone does not need to inform the DVLA (Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency). If your diabetes is treated by tablets or insulin, you must declare this when applying for a driving licence. If you already hold a driving licence, you must tell the DVLA as soon as you have been diagnosed. Life with diabetes

When you have notified the DVLA, you will receive a form asking for details about your diabetes and the names of any doctors whom you see regularly health care mall. You will be asked to sign a declaration allowing your doctors to disclose medical details about your condition. There is usually no difficulty over someone with diabetes obtaining a licence to drive, though the bureaucracy may be irritating. The DVLA now advises people to test their blood glucose before driving, which is another cause of frustration but at least ensures that it is safe for you to drive.

If you are treated by tablets, you will be able to obtain an unrestricted licence, provided that you undertake to inform the DVLA of any change in your treatment or if you develop any complications of diabetes.

If you are treated by insulin, the licence will be valid for only three years instead of up to the age of 70, which is normal in the UK. It is the risk of sudden and severe hypoglycaemia which makes people liable to this form of discrimination. In general the only people who have difficulty in obtaining a licence are those on insulin with very erratic control and a history of hypos causing unconsciousness. Once their condition has been controlled and severe hypos abolished, they can reapply for a licence with confidence.

Diabetes UK has successfully campaigned for regulations on Cl licences to be changed. Previously, blanket restrictions were imposed on insulin users wishing to drive small vans and lorries between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes. The revised regulations enable anyone taking insulin to be individually assessed on their fitness to drive, even if they have previously had their entitlement withdrawn. Restrictions on other Group 2 vehicles (heavier vehicles and passenger-carrying vehicles, such as minibuses) remain. For more information, contact Diabetes UK.

When I was filling out a form for the DVLA, one of the questions asked whether I had had laser treatment in both eyes. Why do the DVLA need this information?

The DVLA may ask you to have a ‘visual fields test’ if you have had laser treatment in both eyes Canadian health and care mall official website , and your licence will be revoked if you cannot pass this test. The reason behind this is that in a few cases, very heavy laser therapy can reduce the field of vision – making it like looking through a keyhole. If you are having a visual fields test, you should have the type in which both eyes are tested at the same time. This test is the DVLA driving standard.

Radiotherapy course

All patients were operated in the same institution by two experienced surgeons working in close collaboration with one of the radiotherapists. The SST was resected by means of a high extended posterolateral approach. In three patients with an anterior-mediastinal localization, a hemi-clamshell incision was carried out. The goal was a radical resection (R0) of at least the upper lobe en bloc with the chest wall. Only in the anterior chest wall resection, an artificial layer was used for reconstruction. For the posterior localization, the scapula was considered to be sufficient as a firm chest wall coverage. Postoperative mortality was defined as death within 4 weeks after surgery.

Radiotherapy course

Radiotherapy course

Instead of using catheters (which have to be fixed separately), a so-called flexible intraoperative template (FIT) was used to deliver a homogenous dose to a surface to which the shape of the mold is adjusted. This is a flexible 5-mm-thick silicone mold in which afterloader catheters are inserted parallel to each other at a fixed distance of 1 cm. The tumor bed was clipped by the surgeon, and the FIT was shaped and fixed to the target area. After inserting dummy catheters, orthogonal x-rays are made of the implant and loaded into the planning system. The treatment plan is generated with the indicated active dwell positions of the catheters. The radiation is delivered during remote-controlled anesthesia. A single radiation fraction of 10 Gy was administered, specified in a plane parallel to the surface of the FIT at 1-cm distance (1.25 cm from the catheters) with the MicroSelectron high-dose rate Ir afterloader.

After the external beam radiotherapy course, three patients dropped out of the protocol because of progressive disease resulting in an nonresectable tumor. We planned for the thoracic inlet resection in combination with intraoperative radiotherapy in 23 patients. Thoracotomy revealed that two patients had no chest wall invasion; these patients only had adhesions to the chest wall not requiring a chest wall resection, and therefore intraoperative radiation was considered not beneficial and thus not performed.

Finally, 21 patients (12 women and 9 men) underwent the entire planned treatment schedule, including resection and intraoperative radiotherapy. Their mean age was 58 years (range, 38 to 78 years). The preoperative clinical staging was stage IIB (all T3N0M0) in 18 patients, and stage IIIB (all T4N0M0) in 3 patients.

Human Body – Energies

The brain system is a dynamo, an accumulator of electricity, and the sympathetic nervous system accumulates magnetism. Neurasthenics frequently feel creeping along their legs, along the backbone – these are molecules of electricity, or pinches – these are small explosions of electrical energy. When electricity prevails and has predominance in the organism, one exhausts and becomes dry. The sympathetic nervous system serves as an accumulator of the living magnetic power, which comes from the Sun. When the predominance of the magnetic power begins to restore, the following happens with the neurasthenics: they begin to feel pleasant warmth from below. In the normal organism, when electricity and magnetism unite, they generate pleasant warmth, harmony of the powers.

When there are two harmonious thoughts, one of them is positive; it is connected to the cold flows in Nature. The other thought is a bearer of negative energy; it is connected to the warm flows in Nature. While one moves between these two flows, he feels well and healthy. Cold flows form in one of his brain hemispheres then, and in the other – warm, magnetic flows. When the head gets hot, man gets into painful state. In order his health to be restored, split mind shall be caused in him, i.e. two different flows to be created in his brain. When this state is achieved, the blood begins to circulate normally and man feels healthy.

Can one be healthy, if he never washes his feet, hands, face, and body? The pores of the human body shall be always opened – they shall never get blocked. Pores have a magnetic casing, which shall be kept. One day, when people develop the sixth sense, they will see that there is a casing round their bodies and while this casing exists, man is healthy, because it regulates the warmth of his organism. Once, under the influence of bad life, that casing broke and the external influences penetrated in him and caused lots of diseases. That magnetic clothing wraps up the stomach, lungs, all internal organs and the cells.

Man breathes also through his pores, but unconsciously. Pores perceive prana from the air and in this way renovate organism.

In one, who is healthy, flowing out of electricity and magnetism happens constantly; there is always one vibration. When this vibration is normal, streams come out of the pores of the body, which throw the whole sweat out. Such a man is pious. That is why the bodies of pious people is clean; cleaning happens during all the time with them; there is a throwing from inside to outside. Water does not clean them. The vibration in them cleans them and in this way pores are never blocked. People can be healthy only in this way.

The backbone is the tenderest place: the biggest shocks happen there. Magnetic living energy flows along the backbone.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Don’t try any Drugs – this is information only!!!


Speed can increase your blood pressure, which can cause a stroke. Regular users can become very run-down with a weakened immune system, which makes them more prone to all types of infections. Mental health can be severely affected by regular use, leading to severe depression and paranoia, with an increased risk of psychosis.


Ecstasy is made up of a mixture of substances, including a synthetic drug called MDMA, and is classed as a hallucinogenic amphetamine. It comes in tablet form and is swallowed. Other names for ecstasy include ‘E’, ‘doves’, ‘XTC’ and ‘disco biscuits’. Taking ecstasy can cause relaxation, disinhibition and feelings of warmth. It is sometimes known as the ‘love drug’. Initial effects can last for several hours and include feeling more alert; colours, sound and emotions can also seem more intense. Feelings of confusion, anxiety and paranoia may occur. The ‘come down’ phase can cause profound fatigue, inability to sleep and feelings of depression. Viagra Generic Canada

Health risks include blurred vision, liver and kidney problems and a danger of overheating and getting dehydrated if you are out dancing in a club. This is known as ‘heat stroke’ due to a combination of a raised body temperature from the ecstasy and dehydration from dancing and the rise in temperature. It can lead to convulsions, coma or even heart attack and stroke. Heart palpitations can occur with an increase in blood pressure and skin temperature. Mental health problems include long-term damage to serotonin receptors in the brain with an increased risk of depression.


Heroin is made from the pain-killing drug morphine and comes from the opium plant. It is a highly addictive drug with tolerance developing rapidly so that users need to take more and more heroin to get the same ‘high*. Heroin can be smoked, sniffed or injected. When you take heroin there is an intense rush of excitement followed by a dream-like state of relaxation. These effects can last several hours and are much more intense if the heroin is injected. First time use, especially if injected, often causes nausea, vomiting and severe headaches. Sharing needles when injecting heroin increases the risk of blood-acquired infections such as blood poisoning or HIV, and Hepatitis B and C. Withdrawal symptoms can occur within 24 hours of the last ‘fix’ and include a multitude of symptoms known collectively as ‘cold turkey’. These can include sweats, chills, anxiety, irritability, cramps and muscle spasms.

The use of heroin can lead to significant health problems. These include a weakened immune system from poor nutrition, collapsed veins, skin abscesses, an increased risk of pneumonia and other chest problems, and chronic constipation. Using heroin can affect your fertility and cause erectile dysfunction. The drug can consume a user’s life, leading to the breakdown of relationships, career and home life. Many addicts get involved in crime to feed their habit. Heroin can lead to mental health problems, including depression and suicide.



If you have had unprotected exposure to the HIV virus, make sure to get yourself tested. Blood tests can accurately diagnose HIV. However, there is a recognised window period, meaning that it may take some time – at least three months and sometimes longer – after unprotected exposure to HIV before the test may show up positive in your blood.

Signs and Symptoms of HIV/AIDS

Early signs of HIV/AIDS infection can include flu-like symptoms, unexplained rashes, fungal infections in the throat, swollen glands and unusual tiredness. These symptoms and signs are similar to many different flu-like or viral infections and diseases. The person appears to recover, usually between a week and a month later. Often, however, early infection with HIV/AIDS has no symptoms.

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Later signs and symptoms of HIV/AIDS can include rapid weight loss, dry cough, fevers or night sweats, fatigue, swollen lymph glands in the armpits, groin or neck, recurrent infections such as chest infections, pneumonia or Candida infections (thrush) in the mouth, memory loss and depression. At this stage the person is said to have progressed from having a HIV infection to having full-blown AIDS. As the disease progresses and the immune system is weakened further, cancers and other life-threatening infections can occur.

Many people who carry the HIV virus don’t know they are infected; that’s why being tested is so important. If you are sexually active with more than one partner – or have any reason to think you might have been exposed to HIV in the past – go to your doctor and discuss whether you should be screened or not.

Can STIs Be Prevented?

Yes, in fact STIs are easily prevented. The only foolproof way is to avoid sex. The next best way to prevent an STI is simply to have sex with an uninfected partner in the context of a monogamous, faithful relationship. The third way is to always practise safe sex. Using condoms that prevent the sharing of body fluids cuts down on the likelihood of cross-infection, but occasionally they do fail during use. However, they are still highly effective at preventing the spread of STIs.

There is no doubt that there is a big knowledge deficit among men when it comes to men’s sexual health issues, as with other health-related areas. The challenge is to provide information and education about sexually Generic viagra Australia Pharmacy transmitted infections so that men can make informed choices. It is also important that equal emphasis is put on alcohol and drug awareness as unplanned sexual encounters often occur in the context of alcohol and/or drug use.

Pulse Oximeter Changes Mobile Phone Industry

The mobile phone industry is ever changing. Ever since smart phones have come into the market, things started to change from voice plans to more data plans. Ten years ago, most cell phone companies focused their plans with attention to voice systems. Mobile companies focused on gearing their voice plans around prices points that allowed for extra charges for minutes used over the allotted amount. Once text messaging became very popular, mobile carriers changed their plans to maximize their profits for plans offering text messaging plans. A recent study showed that most text messaging plans offering unlimited text messages are charging astronomical fees per megabyte of data service. As smart phones became more popular with users, mobile carriers benefited greatly from added data plans. These data plans took away revenue from mobile carriers in terms of voice and text messaging plans. Applications available for smart phones now offer services that allow for free test messages via data plans already paid for by the customer.

A pulse oximeter, also known as an oximeter, is a medical device that measures the blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate of an individual. An oximeter is a very popular device these days, as more and more people have become familiar with it. A pulse oximeter used to be only available in clinical settings, but with recent advances in technology has completely changed the oximeter. Now an oximeter is smaller than more cell phones and available for fewer than one hundred dollars. With new smart phones offering various applications, the pulse oximeter industry has also stepped up to offer its customers the same options. Now an application for a pulse oximeter allows the user to send his or her vital information to their smart phone via Bluetooth or ANT+. Applications like this one for a pulse oximeter have changed the mobile phone industry completely. These applications provide more possibilities for users, but they also create new challenges for cellular companies. These companies are constantly finding themselves having to reinvent themselves. They must do this just to keep themselves competitive. A pulse oximeter might not seem like a likely candidate to do this, but it really is one of the pioneer devices that helped shape the new smart phone industry. The cellular industry is currently working closely with various industries to try to stay ahead of aftermarket applications. The cellular phone industry is a perfect example of how fast technology changes.

Migraine Headache Relief

It is estimated that 12 million Americans suffer from migraines. If you are one of these people like I am, migraine headache relief is an important but confusing subject. You want to prevent migraines from coming on in the first place, and get rid of them fast when they do. You’ve probably tried various over the counter options, and may have tried many prescription options as well. Unfortunately many of these options can cause trouble for your body when taken over a long period of time, and also have strong side effects that are almost as debilitating as the migraine itself. Another option you may not have tried yet are natural options for migraine headache relief. Natural options have the benefits of preventing and curing headaches with no side effects, and are often just as effective as over the counter and prescription options.


Find your Triggers – There are a wide variety of things that can trigger a migraine. Foods are a common trigger of headaches. Things such as processed meats, alcohol, dried fish, caffeine, dairy products or grains. Other things that can trigger migraines are hormone level changes such as those that occur in menstruation or while taking birth control, changes in sleeping patterns, and dramatic weather changes. Keep a diary of your eating and sleeping habits, as well as other notes so you can determine what your triggers are and eliminate those that are within your control. By recognizing and eliminating triggers, migraine headache relief is within your grasp.

Homeopathic Remedies – Headaches are often caused by either constricted blood vessels or the presence of allergens and toxins in your body. By bringing and keeping your nervous system and liver in a healthy balance you can achieve migraine headache relief that is more effective than many prescription options. The herb feverfew has been found to prevent many migraines by limiting the production of prostaglandins, the brain chemicals responsible for contracting blood vessels. Another herb milk thistle, helps to support liver function and can allow your liver to more effectively filter allergens and toxins from your body. These homeopathic remedies do not work instantly, and are not terribly effective to cure migraines, but over time they have shown to be very effective in preventing migraines from occurring.


Aromatherapy – Once a migraine has come on, there are a whole range of options for migraine headache relief. Unfortunately many of these options come with the side effect of grogginess. Being sleepy and out of it is really not much better than having the migraine as far as getting things done and getting on with the business of daily life. Aromatherapy is a great option for migraine headache relief because many people find it highly effective and there are no side effects to deal with. A great combination of essential oils for migraine relief are Lavender, rosemary, and peppermint. Lavender relaxes tense muscles, Rosemary acts as a stimulant similar to caffeine to increase blood flow, and peppermint has a cooling effect. Combine these oils in equal amounts into a carrier oil and massage on neck, shoulders, and temples to experience amazing migraine headache relief.

Migraines don’t have to be a part of your daily life. You can get effective headache relief without the strong side effects of prescription medications or the potential damage to your body caused by overuse of over the counter medications. Using natural remedies to achieve migraine headache relief is a safe and effective option to explore. By keeping a diary of potential triggers, using herbal remedies to prevent headaches and aromatherapy to manage the migraines that do slip through, you will find that you can continue on with your daily life without interruption.

Four Serious Summer Illnesses

Especially as we get older, or deal with various health issues, it’s crucial to avoid too much exertion in too much heat.

A host of heat-related maladies can plague us if we don’t:

• Heat cramps

• Heat rash

• Heat exhaustion

• Heat stroke

The first two are usually relatively minor problems but they can become more serious for gardeners with other health problems.

Heat exhaustion is more serious and most serious of all is heat stroke – a potentially fatal condition that calls for immediate medical attention.

Signs and symptoms

If you feel dizzy or faint while working in the summer garden, you should stop and rest in the shade. Drink plenty of water or Gatorade-type electrolyte replacement to rehydrate yourself.

Heat cramps cause muscle spasms and twinges in the stomach or limbs combined with excessive sweating and thirst. You should seek shade and loosen your clothing. Drinking an electrolyte replacement could help since the cause of cramps is loss of body salt from sweating.

Prickly heat is a common name for heat rash, caused by clogged or irritated sweat glands. It presents as itchy, prickly red blisters typically in areas under clothing. If affected, wash your skin, powder yourself with talcum or baby powder and wear looser clothing.

Heat exhaustion signals a more serious condition with potential to progress to heat stroke. The signs of heat exhaustion, according to are:

• Heavy sweating

• Paleness

• Muscle cramps

• Tiredness/weakness

• Dizziness


• Nausea or vomiting

• Fainting

The skin may be cool and moist. The pulse rate will be fast and weak, and breathing will be fast and shallow.

Treatment for this condition calls for moving to a shaded area, loosening clothing and slowly drinking cool water – a half glass every 15-20 minutes until symptoms lessen.

Heat stroke

Heat stroke may occur suddenly and can be life-threatening. Its symptoms include confusion, dizziness and perhaps coma. Unlike heat exhaustion, the sufferer’s pulse and breathing may be rapid. There may be convulsions and vomiting.

If these symptoms occur, you should immediately call 911 for emergency medical attention. While waiting for help to arrive, give small amounts of water and cool the victim in any way possible – fanning, cool compresses, flushing with cool water from the hose. Remove restrictive clothing, lay the victim down and elevate his or her feet.
Sleepwell herbal
If nausea is present, make sure the airways are clear.
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