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Herpes can destroy relationships, but fortunately Kathy and Dylan had worked hard at talking through problems and had built a relationship based on honesty. Kathy believed Dylan that this was not a new infection and forgave his rather naive neglect of openness about it. Dr. Seip was tremendously helpful to the young couple and helped them to see that this was not the end of the world and that they could still realise all their dreams.

Genital herpes is caused by herpes simplex, type 2. This is a virus and there are other members of the herpes virus family. Type 1 causes the common cold sore and, much less often than type 2, can also cause a genital herpes infection. But here, to all intents and purposes, we are not talking about type 1. Make no mistake about it: genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease. You will not get it from using your friend’s towel. The virus likes warm, moist areas and can infect the genitals, mouth, throat and anus — in other words, wherever sexual contact may occur. Condoms can protect to a great extent but not completely, and the virus may be passed to a sexual partner even when no symptoms are present.

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Within two to 20 days of exposure, you may experience — as did Dylan — flu-like symptoms, followed by tingling and pain. Dylan experienced this on his penis, but it can occur anywhere in the lower pelvic area. Then come the blisters, which quickly open out to shallow and very painful ulcers. The active manifestation of the illness is self-limiting and the ulcers and pain clear within two weeks for most people. Each occurrence is usually milder than the last, with the first being the worst. Treatment buy Sublingual Viagra helps to moderate the severity and length of the outbreak and is most effective in the first episode. As mentioned before, treatment needs to begin during the first six days of symptoms.

It is critical to understand that, although the rash goes away and the outbreaks get milder, the virus resides happily in your cells and you remain infected. Our drugs can suppress it (like caging a wild lion), but will not cure it. Therefore, if you have new sexual partners, you need to be honest with them. If you have an active attack, it is best to abstain from intercourse; otherwise, use condoms at all times. Although we are not sure that these measures are 100 per cent effective, studies of monogamous couples in which one partner has the infection and the other doesn’t indicate about a 15 per cent infectivity over an eighteen-month period.

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