The Importance Of Smart Snacking

For Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics, the importance of healthy snacking is something that cannot be emphasized enough. Since maintaining a constant and appropriate blood sugar level is a key component in maintaining their condition, eating healthy snacks is one of the most efficient ways to accomplish this.

But there is also a fine line between snacking and abusing it. Too often, diabetics use it as a way to justify squeezing in additional meals. Snacking begins to mean more and more food until it resembles a whole other meal in itself. That’s why its important to stay within the recommended guidelines, so that something meant to assist doesn’t end up sabotaging you instead.

An appropriate amount of food to consume is approximately 100 to 200 calories (420 to 840 kilojoules), of smart food choices. You can make smarter snack choices by choosing foods that are higher in fiber and various important nutrients, contain carbohydrates with a low-GI, and that are balanced with some protein and heart helpful fats. This is a good balance that gives you something for fuel, without counteracting the intent of the food.

You never want to go with a sugary food, as this will create the exact opposite effect that you are looking for. In this instance you will create two new problems. First, you will have spiked your blood sugar, which will inevitably crash soon sending you into a hypoglycemic episode. Second, you have overloaded your sugar, which will result in possible weight gain.

Having access to the right snack won’t work if you don’t exercise a little restriction with the portion size. A food with adequate amounts of carbs, protein and fat are okay until you consume enough to qualify for a meal. Now, instead of eating three meals a day and two snacks, you have crossed over into five meals a day. Weight gain will surely ensue, causing a new avalanche of health issues.

In order to limit snacking to just that, a snack, it is best to never eat your snack out of an original container. For example, if you want a few nuts, don’t get in the habit of eating them right out of the jar. Your judgment becomes overwhelmed by the food and soon your perception of how much you have consumed becomes skewed.

A better plan of action is to plan out your snacks ahead of time. Pick a day and portion out snacks into individual snack bags. Now, you are guaranteed to always have your snacks readily available and there is no danger of eating too much since they are pre-measured. Taking out the guesswork eliminates several problems that a Type 2 diabetic doesn’t need to contend with.

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