The Tension of Pregnant Women Influence Babies’ Height

Lily is eight years old this year. She was only 42 centimeters tall when she was born. Since she was born, she has been shorter than her peers. Her mother took her to hospital and found that she was an infant born small for gestational age. Infant born small for gestational age refer to an infant whose weight or height can not reach the standards. For example, infants of 40 weeks should be as heavy as 2.5 kilograms. If one infant is light than this weight, he or she is called an infant born small for gestational age. It is reported as many as 6.39% infants belong to this group.

Experts point out that the height is closely related to the mood of mothers. The growth of babies is influenced by a variety of factors, including genes, environments and the diet of pregnant women. Statistics have shown that the nutrition absorption of mothers used to be a main cause. But with the improvement of life quality, nutrition is not a problem any longer. The emotion of mothers becomes an important factor. Clinical studies have indicated that mothers of infants born small for gestational age tend to be nervous than normal mothers.

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Experts hold the view that infants born small for gestational age appear to be slow in growth. They tend to be shorter than peers. What their parents should do is to find abnormal symptoms as early as possible. Experts point out the height of children at the age of two would reveal the potential. If a baby can reach the standard when he or she is two years old, his or her growth is without problems. Otherwise, the baby should be taken to hospital as soon as possible. In other words, if male babies are shorter than 89.1 centimeters and female babies can not reach the height of 88.1 centimeters when they are two years old, they probably have growing problem. The growth of a person is influenced by nutrition, genes and many other factors. The best two periods of growth are the first three years of the life and the adolescence. All people, especially infants born small for gestational age, should grasp the two periods.

Parents are worrying about the height of babies. They help babies ingest calcium, ask their children to keep exercising and provide balanced diets for their children. But there are still many children shorter than the standard. Experts suggest that parents should keep an eye on the height of babies. Children who are comparatively shorter can eat food with more vitamin D and calcium. Both nutriments are able to strengthen the bones and accelerate the growth. Parents should keep in mind do not leave the problem to the time when it is impossible to solve.

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