Treatment of Cout


Complications of Gout

Recurrent attacks of gout can lead to chronic gout, which can cause a form of arthritis in the joints and permanent joint damage. Swellings, called tophi, can occur in the joints due to a build-up of large amounts of uric acid crystals. These uric acid crystals can also deposit in the kidneys, causing kidney stones.

Treatment of Cout and Viagra Australia

Acute attacks of gout can be effectively treated by taking anti-inflammatory medication. Caution is needed with anti-inflammatories, however, as they can affect the stomach and kidneys. Other options include colchicine (although this can cause vomiting and diarrhoea) or short courses of steroids.

If someone is suffering from recurrent attacks of gout they can be prescribed medication, known as allopurinol, to lower the uric acid level. However, while allopurinol is very effective at preventing attacks of gout, it must be stopped if someone suffers an attack while taking it as it can make an acute episode of gout worse.

Tips to Prevent Cout

Drinking lots of water is important to flush out the kidneys and help to remove uric acid from the body. While only about 10 per cent of uric acid comes from our diet, making some dietary changes can be worthwhile. It is recommended to cut back on purine-rich foods and keep your alcohol consumption within safe limits, particularly avoiding binge drinking. Keep your weight healthy. If you are overweight this puts extra strain and pressure on your joints as well as increasing the risk of high uric acid levels and gout. Avoid crash diets as they can increase uric acid levels in the blood, and also low-carbohydrate diets that are high in protein and fat, which can increase uric acid levels.

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Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are small bits of mineral and acid salts inside the kidneys. They are caused by the urine flowing through the kidneys becoming rich or heavy in minerals that form into crystals, which in time can stick together, solidify and develop into tiny bits of gravel and eventually stones. Normally these substances are diluted in the urine. The main mineral found in most kidney stones is calcium, while others less commonly found include oxalate or phosphate. About 10 per cent of kidney stones are due to excess uric acid.

How Common Are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones mainly occur in men. An Irish man has about a 10 per cent chance of getting a kidney stone at some stage during his life, most commonly between the ages of 20 and 50. They also have a nasty habit of recurring. Up to 50 per cent of men will suffer a reoccurrence within ten years of getting a kidney stone.

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